World Poetry Day: Poems of some closet poets

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World Poetry Day: Poems of some closet poets

World Poetry Day: Poems of some closet poets unpublished poems 30stades

Poetry is the song of the soul. That’s possibly why many people write poems but never share them with a larger audience. They keep their poetic words under wraps or share them with only their closest friends.


To mark World Poetry Day (March 21), we requested some of our writers and readers to share their poems. Their themes range from the ‘love of a mother’ to the ‘power of dreams', from death to life and much more. Here’s an ode to love, life and poetry through poems of some closet poets:


By Abhijit. C. Chandra


“He seems intoxicated,” Devjyoti murmurs,

His eyes moist as we sit near his father’s pyre.

I cannot help but agree with that assessment

Of septuagenarian Mahesh Chandra Banerjee,

Frail, shawl-draped, dhoti-clad and unshaven.

As the cool winter breeze appears to play

Just like a curious and innocent child

With the raging and leaping tongues of flame,

In that grim and ash-covered place of death,

Banerjee the priest sits unmoved, unconcerned.

A faint smile is on his cracked lips,

As his thinning hair stands like a myriad serpents,

From time to time the old man softly issues an order

About the rites to bring peace to the departed

Displaying a clinical and distressing familiarity.

“Nobody invites me for weddings now,

For they all know my area of expertise.”

Banerjee’s voice has a tinge of sadness

As he describes how people wave him away

A brahman treated as a shudra!

The man was not born for such tasks,

He retired from a major firm years back,

What compelled him to take up this work?

Perhaps a humane desire to lend a hand

To those crossing a spiritual border?

(Abhijit C. Chandra is a Bhopal-resident journalist & teacher)




By Pritha Lahiri

Unhindered I fly

In the sky

Without a care

Never a wear

Or tear

Liberated I soar

Scorn I pour

Upon all who

Try to score

By pulling me

To the floor

For once the string

That binds me


Itself out to sing

My Rhapsody

But I fling

It to the ground

For I have found

It is bound

To its stony mound

Of everyday Life

And here I thrive

Amidst cloud


Ultimate crown

(Pritha Lahiri is a West Bengal-resident senior journalist who retired as a national news agency's Kolkata Chief of Bureau.)



-द्वारा स्वाति सिन्हा

कब सोचा था दीवारों की दरार भी,

रिस रिस के नज़र आएगी,

कितना भी छुपायेंगे गर्द मगर,

बिकी किताबों सी बिखर जाएंगी।

तुम उस ओर सोचोगे,

की मयखाना खुला रखा है,

और हम डूबे हुए पैमाने की,

बदहोशी में मेहफ़ूज़ रह जायेंगे।

दस्तक देता है कोई,

उस ओर की मीनारों से,

जन्नते ख्वाब में ही सही,

कहीं तो ए दोस्त…नेकी परस्त पहचान पाएंगे।

(Swati Sinha is a US-based teacher & mother. She loves to cook for her family & friends besides writing poems in Hindi & English)

WORLD poetry day poems of closet poet Hemangi Sharma poem on harvest 30stades

मेरी दिल्ली

-द्वारा रश्मि प्रताप

इस शहर को मैंने बनते हुए देखा है

कितने गली कूचों को बदलते हुए देखा है।

हमारे साथ-साथ इमारतें भी बड़ी हो गयीं

पेड़ पौधे कट गए हरियाली भी कम हो गयी l

शांति से न जाने कितने साल बीत गए

दिल्ली कितनी बदल गयी हम भी संग बदल गए l

पर आज जो बदलाव देखा, उससे दिल दहल गया

मेरी दिल्ली दिलदारों की, इतना कुछ कब बदल गया l

आज दिल्ली में सडकों पर लोगों को लड़ते हुए देखा

घरों में आग लगाते तोड़-फोड़ करते देखा l

ये वो दिल्ली तो नहीं जहां मैं बड़ी हुई थी

ये वो दिल्ली तो नहीं जहाँ मेरी सोच पनपी थी l

नहीं चाहती मैं दिल्ली ये हालात फिर देखे

तबाही का माहौल शहर मेरा फिर झेले l

सोचती हूँ काश कोई लोगों को रोक पाये

आपस में फिर मिल के जीना सीखे, दिलों में न आग लगाएं l

(Rashmi Pratap is a Mumbai-based journalist specialising in business, financial and socio-economic reporting)

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