About Content Writing

Do you want to write SEO-friendly & engaging content for social media, blogs & websites? Effective communication is the key quality of any journalist, blogger, content writer, social media copy writer or even a communication professional drafting newsletter. A free-flowing and easy-for-the reader style of writing sets you apart from the crowd.

Most importantly, your piece should be able to hold the reader’s attention beyond the first few paragraphs. This assumes greater significance as one wants to stand out and be read in the clutter of social media.

Our faculty comprises reporters and editors with 20 years of experience. They have worked with India’s top media houses and written on varied subjects across sectors. The course will help you not only better your content writing skills but also help you draw readers. Here are the faculty and course details:

journalism feature writing content faculty 30 stades
content writing course social media copies website blogs companies marketing 30 stades