Anayadikuthu: Kerala’s unexplored waterfall ideal for a forest bath

Anayadikuthu waterfall surrounded by a forest in the Idukki district is a little-known tourism destination in Kerala. Being shallow, it is safe for non-swimmers to dip in its pristine waters  

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Anayadikuthu: Kerala’s unexplored waterfall ideal for a forest bath 

Anayadikuthu: Kerala’s unexplored waterfall ideal for a forest bath. Pic: Idukki Tourism

Anayadikuthu waterfall in the Idukki district is among the less-explored tourism destinations in Kerala. It is off the radar of most visitors, and a visit here is almost akin to a private forest bath.

The waterfall in a small forest near Thommankuthu is at its best during the rains when it swells with water. Its crystal-clear water gracefully flows through the massive rocks, where it has also formed small pond-like structures. Unlike many other waterfalls in Kerala, Anayadikuthu is shallow, and it is safe for non-swimmers to dip in its pristine waters.

The small ponds on the top, formed due to the corrosive action of water over the years, also provide safe swimming options. 

Anayadikuthu is home to many bird species and also monkeys. The rock formations provide resting spots for trekkers passing through Kambakkanam and Neykuthanal.

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Visitors can safely explore this serene spot, though directions may require local guidance due to the lack of signboards. A newly constructed road through rubber plantations and a scenic valley can take tourists to the top portion of Anayadikuthu waterfall.

The legend of Anayadikuthu

According to local folklore, wild elephants used to walk up to the canals near the waterfall to drink water here.

Once, an elephant lost its footing and accidentally fell into the waterfall, leading to the place being named ‘Anachadikuthu’, which means ‘the waterfalls that the elephant fell into’. The name later became Anayadikuthu.

Another story suggests that two elephants fought at this location, one falling into the waterfall. Over time, the area became known as Anachadikuthu and was eventually shortened to Anayadikuthu.

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Anayadikuthu is safe for even non-swimmers. Pic: Wikipedia

It is also a good location for trekking since reaching the place requires walking from the main road. The waterfall is at the bottom of the stream that flows through Kambakakanam and Neikuthanal. There is a concrete bridge to walk across the top of the falls. 

There are many attractions in the vicinity, the most famous being the Thommankuthu Falls. 

Thommankuthu is a seven-step waterfall that is always crowded due to its popularity and easily accessible location. The privacy and solace of the Anayadikuthu Falls is missing here.

The other interesting location is Kattadikadavu, an astounding hill with an unparalleled view from the top. This place is known to be a stress buster and is an emerging trekking destination near Thodupuzha. 

The Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple is dedicated to the mother goddess Bhagavati Lakshmi. She is believed to be residing in Chottanikkara along with her husband Maha Vishnu. It is the most important Temple among the 393 shrines spread over 3 Districts of Kerala and comes under the administration of Cochin Devaswom Board.

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