Innovation in the Himalayas & Kolam interior décor

Urvashi Dev Rawal
04 Apr 2021
Innovation in the Himalayas & Kolam interior décor

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India is the land of innovation though not all innovations make it to school textbooks. The majority of them remain confined to the area of their origin, with only a handful of people or just an individual making use of them. Many times, this local innovativeness triumphs over sophisticated technology.

This week we bring you two uplifting stories from two corners of the country, highlighting interesting initiatives taken by individuals. The first story by my colleague Rashmi is about a couple who set up a base in Masrana in Uttarakhand to help preserve the local biodiversity and also market traditional woollen products made by the local populace.

Ghayur and Patricia have, over the past 16 years, helped the local Bhotias, Kolees and Rompas improve their weaving techniques and introduced eco-friendly natural dyes. They have innovated to create energy-efficient dyeing drums (covered with electric blankets) where water is changed only once in 6 months, almost eliminating the problem of effluents. There’s more in this interesting piece, which I suggest you look up.

The other story is about a home-maker, who has turned her hobby of drawing Kolam, the traditional intricate rice-flour patterns that decorate the entrance to every house in South India, into a profitable business. Read my colleague M Narayani’s write-up on how Deepika Velmurugan has given a modern twist to the traditional art and is now exporting customised home décor articles across the world.

And as we celebrate the spring season, Kashmir’s famous tulip garden, the largest in Asia, has opened for visitors. About 15 lakh odd flowers of 64 varieties will bloom in the garden, which is in the lap of the picturesque Zabarwan Hills. If you are not able to visit in person, take a look at my colleague Wasim's photos and video of the exquisite tulips and other flowers that adorn this garden. 

Do continue to read 30 Stades and learn about the hidden gems from across our vast country.



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