Visuals of Kashmir's beauty in autumn

Visuals of Kashmir’s beauty in autumn

Kashmir's beauty in autumn pictures 30stades maple leaf chinar trees

Autumn is the most magical season of Kashmir. Starting with mid-September and ending in November, autumn is when Kashmir takes on the bridal colours of golden and red.

The mighty chinar (maple) trees, which fortify every nook and the corner of the capital Srinagar, add to the grandeur of the terraced Mughal Gardens. Also called Shalimar Bagh, the garden was built by Mughal Emperor Jahangir for his wife Nur Jahan in 1619. Jahangir famously remarked about Kashmir’s beauty: “…if there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here.”


In autumn, the dry leaves of chinar turn rust, covering the ground everywhere. And with the slightest breeze, these leaves seem to murmur something to each other.

Nishat Bagh on the banks of Dal Lake, with Zabarwan Mountains in the backdrop, takes on a new life during autumn. The Bagh was designed and built in 1633 by Asif Khan, elder brother of Mughal queen Nur Jahan, wife of Emperor Jahangir.

During the fall, gardens like Nishat Bagh are full of visitors who come to enjoy the splendid carpet of fallen maple leaves.

What could be a better backdrop for a portrait? Possibly, nothing. That’s why Kashmir is called heaven on earth. And autumn is its magical season. Wasim Nabi captures the beauty of Kashmir in autumn through his lens:

Maple leaves take on hues of rust, gold and red in autumn. Pic: Wasim Nabi
People throng gardens to see Kashmir’s autumnal beauty. Pic: Wasim Nabi

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Maple leaves seem to have a life of their own. Pic: Wasim Nabi
Autumn just ahead of winters is fun time in Kashmir. Pic: Wasim Nabi

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Coronavirus has made it important to wear mask even while enjoying autumn. Pic: Wasim Nabi
Beautiful maple leaves cover the ground across Srinagar. Pic: Wasim Nabi

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Autumnal beauty with sunset. Pic: Wasim Nabi
In the midst of tall chinar trees are laden with beauty. Pic: Wasim Nabi

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Nishat Bagh on the banks of Dal Lake with Zabarwan Mountains in the backdrop. Pic: Wasim Nabi

(Lead Pic: by Wasim Nabi)

(Wasim Nabi is a Srinagar-based freelance multimedia journalist)

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